Project news | Oerol sold more than 130.000 tickets


Project news | Oerol sold more than 130.000 tickets

WEST-TERSCHELLING - The 34st edition of Oerol has sold over 130.000 tickets. Last year, a comparable number of tickets were sold. This means that most of the acts were sold out.

On the busiest day, Saturday June 13, more than 15.000 visitors were registered. The following Sunday, 13.000 came to the festival. The ten-day festival on Terschelling was rounded off with a concert by the Broken Brass Ensemble on Saturday evening.

The visual theater ‘Erf’ by Schweigman& scored high points, just like ‘Dead End’ by Via Berlin, Orkater and Sytze Pruiksma, ‘Crash test Ibsen: Nora’ by Sarah Moeremenans & Sons / The Northern Dutch Theatre and Dance (Het Noord Nederlands Toneel), ‘We doen het wel zelf’ (we’ll do it ourselves) by Wunderbaum and ‘Stad der Blinden’ (city of the blind) by Theater Utrecht.

Other creative gems were ‘BOG. Een poging het leven te herstructureren’ (An attempt at restructuring life) by BOG, ‘Lutine’ by Orkater and ‘Loslopend wild’ by Maas Theatre and Dance. Another audience favorite was ‘Holes’ by De Jonge Republiek / Tryater.

Within the landscape-lab of the Expedition program, ‘Zeven Streken’ by Marc van Vliet attracted the most attention. This work of art, which has the allure of a ‘Leonardo-Da-Vinci-invention’, is part of Sense of Place, a project of Leeuwarden-Fryslân 2018.

The program, which took place on music terrain ‘De Betonning’, was largely complied by the creative minds of guest curators like Colin Benders, Typhoon, Wende and Spinvis.

The ‘Opium’ performance by Cornald Maas, held in the dunes near the bay of Western-Terschelling, attracted three times the amount of visitors on location as compared to previous years. The TV broadcast with André van Duin as a guest received the highest viewer numbers on the evening it aired. Opium was broadcasted live by Dutch TV channels TROS/AVRO five times in a row.

The visual theater of Erf – Schweigman& (Oerol 2015) scored high points with the audience (Photo Jochem Jurgens).